3 Simple Short Hair Looks For All Your Valentine's Day Plans

Valentine’s Day is officially here! I’ll admit, it’s not the biggest holiday on my list, but i’ll take any excuse to hang out with Fritz, wear my favorite red dress and go out on the town.

I’ve had my outfit picked out for a few weeks now, but I wasn’t really sure what to do with my hair. While short hair calls for less time with a blow dryer (a major win in my book), it can require a bit of creativity in the styling department.

Luckily, Melissa Leitru, the owner of Wild Honey Salon, knows a thing or two about styling short hair. We got together a few weeks back and she helped create three simple Valentines-Day inspired looks that I could easily recreate on my own at home.

So, whether you have plans to go out, stay in, or grab brunch with your girlfriends, there’s a look below for every occasion.


Chic and sophisticated (you know, so very French). Perfect for date night at that fancy restaurant.


STEP 1: Starting on the top of your head, grab 1/2-inch to 1-inch sections tease. Be sure to tease the hair very close to the scalp and go all the way around your head.

STEP 2: With your hands, direct your hair into a gentle side part and smooth the hair back on one side. Secure with bobby pins vertically up the center back of the head.


STEP 3: Direct the hair on the other side of your head to the back and create a twist. Spray with hairspray.



Fun and easy, just the way it should be. Perfect for brunch with your best gal pals.


STEP 1: Create a side part, grab a section of hair and start braiding, directing it towards the crown of the head. 


STEP 2: Secure with a clear elastic and pin.

STEP 3: Carefully pull braid apart slightly, giving it a fuller, messier appearance.

The Messy Braided Top Knot

Casual & cool. Perfect for those chill nights in.


STEP 1: Section your hair at the arch of your eyebrows and secure with an elastic. Braid the hair and secure with another elastic.

STEP 2: Wrap the braided hair around itself to create a bun. Pin with bobby pins. Using a wand, curl the remaining hair to create messy, loose waves.

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